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Welcome to the Minor-attracted Person Info wiki. (Title is a work in progress!) Here we aim to look at the controversial topics of child sexual abuse, pedophilia, and its surrounding chronophilias from a scientific standpoint. The motivation for to fight ignorance, stigma and misinformation.

We also aim to provide resources for those affected by the subject such as child sexual abuse survivors, non-offending pedophiles, offending pedophiles as well as friends and family of the affected. To our understanding, this will reduce the rate of child sexual abuse.

Basics 101

Here is some suggested reading if you're new to the subject:

Glossary - Learn about terms commonly used around the subject.

Pedophilia - What is pedophilia and who is a pedophile?

Children - What do we actually know about children?

Common Misconceptions - Common misconceptions about pedophiles and children.


If you're interested in contributing or how this wiki works, try these:

Content Policy - What's allowed on the wiki.

Editing Precautions - Technology and precautions to take to avoid harassment.

Acceptable Sources - What do we decide is good or bad science?

Fire Drill - Planning for censorship, even if well-intentioned.

Things To Do

  • Change license to CC BY 4.0
Done! Though the image and text hasn't updated. Oh well. --urgeless (talk) 22:30, 25 February 2017 (UTC)
  • Pull notes from etherpad
  • Start filling out the pages above
  • Test backup and importing to offline wiki