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Welcome to the Minor-attracted Person Info wiki. (Title is a work in progress!) Here we aim to look at the controversial topics of child sexual abuse, pedophilia, and its surrounding chronophilias from a scientific standpoint. The motivation for to fight ignorance, stigma and misinformation.

We also aim to provide resources for those affected by the subject such as child sexual abuse survivors, non-offending pedophiles, offending pedophiles as well as friends and family of the affected. To our understanding, this will reduce the rate of child sexual abuse.

Basics 101[edit]

Here is some suggested reading if you're new to the subject:

Glossary - Learn about terms commonly used around the subject.

Pedophilia - What is pedophilia and who is a pedophile?

Children - What do we actually know about children?

Common Misconceptions - Common misconceptions about pedophiles and children.


If you're interested in contributing or how this wiki works, try these:

Content Policy - What's allowed on the wiki.

Editing Precautions - Technology and precautions to take to avoid harassment.

Acceptable Sources - What do we decide is good or bad science?

Fire Drill - Planning for censorship, even if well-intentioned.

Things To Do[edit]

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  • Start filling out the pages above
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